I am an aspiring electrical engineer with a keen passion for building, creating, and tinkering with electronics. I am based in South Florida and possess a strong background in 3D printing, 3D design, graphic design, and rapid prototyping. I can bring a unique blend of technical skills and creativity to the table, with a solid foundation in electrical engineering principles and product design as well as a genuine enthusiasm for problem-solving and a determination to contribute to the field of electrical engineering. I have a strong drive to create and innovate, and enjoy transforming ideas into tangible prototypes. As a motivated and detail-oriented professional, I am committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends.

I'm Geoff Garland

an Electrical Engineer


Custom Built Model Crane

This is the project that started my journey into electrical engineering officially. This project was commissioned for a crane business and is a fully operational scale model with integrated motors and a custom electronic controller. Even the crane hoist was to scale and could lift up to 25 pounds! Of course, the model would most likely tip over with that kind of weight, but still pretty cool!

Project Highlights:

  • CNC cut acrylic that is welded together to make up crane parts

  • Cast foam tiered building boards coated with protective epoxy

  • Custom electronic controller

  • Each tiered building board has integrated motor to move cart

Project Constraints:

  • Custom built case that meets airline luggage size restrictions

  • Project must also meet airline luggage weight restrictions

  • Almost all pieces needed to be to scale.